I think Halloween is Reagan’s favorite holiday.  She loved being a Tiger.  Loved trick or treating and of course, she REALLY LOVES candy.  She was a pro at trick-or-treating.  Went right up to people’s doors, said the magic words and said Thank You.  What a concept…. I get to dress up and people give me candy?!?  What could be better?  A Mom who lets me eat as much candy as I want.  I’m afraid I was somewhat of a Scrooge when it came to the candy.  She only got to eat a couple pieces.  But the past 3 nights, she has gotten to eat some before she brushes her teeth.  I’m thinking she can fall asleep before the sugar rush hits.  It’s so cute to watch her eat the candy.  She watches herself the entire time while sorta dancing around.


Carving the pumpkin


Devyn wore an orange suit with a Happy Halloween hat.  She did great as well.  Stayed happy in the stroller most of the time.  Got fussy the last 5 minutes.


These people went ALL OUT.  They were eating “brains” on the table set with fine china.  The zombie on the porch is playing guitar – he was really good.





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